Welcome to the Agmarket Rebellion

And welcome to the most awesome farming marketplace – because you shouldn’t settle for just o.k. We love farming, and we wanted to build an online marketplace so you can buy and sell new and used farming gear and enjoy it! This has become our mission.

Create opportunties for our Agmarket Members through an exciting and hassle free marketplace of GREAT deals

Just like our Agmarket members, we have passionate ideas about what’s possible and we are always on the lookout for better ways of doing things. We want to enable our members to enjoy life more, offering a simple and convenient way to buy and sell new or used farming gear, knowing you are getting a great deal. Why waste time searching for great deals, driving for miles or paying too much when you could get sweet deals with likeminded farmers.

Righto, now that we have established why we do what we do, let’s look at what it is and how we do it…

Who is part of the Agmarket Rebellion?

Agmarket is a members-only marketplace and this is how we have built trust amongst our online community. Yes, we know it’s annoying to have to sign up, but we are all about members who want to try something new, be bold and demand a better way of gaining great farming deals. Why jump through hoops, when you can join likeminded rebels and be part of something awesome – online!

Here’s how our members are getting involved at Agmarket…

Farmers:   bid, buy or make an offer on items listed. Not tamed to their local area, our Agmarket members conduct online livestock auctions or machinery clearing sales to a national audience.

Agents:   source machinery and livestock nationally for their clients. They also conduct their own online livestock auction or machinery-clearing sale to a national audience instead of just being restricted to buyers in their local area. They have let us know that Agmarket levels the playing field and helps them compete with corporate agents.

Retailers:   every rural retailer in Australia gets caught with slow moving or out of season stock from time to time. They use Agmarket as a clearing mechanism to a far wider audience than just their immediate area. Often with a newly found online presence for their business, retailers are listing their products on Agmarket instead of having to build their own ecommerce webstore.

Dealers:   use Agmarket to buy and sell machinery. Machinery dealers are promoting their showroom floor to farmers right across Australia by listing on Agmarket. It’s free to list and knowing a buyer that is coming to see a piece of machinery who has already deposited funds in the Agmarket account, means you are doing business with serious buyers only.

Wholesalers:   list stock on Agmarket with piece of mind that buyers are paying cash before they release the item. Agmarket is a great channel for clearance, slow moving or out of season stock.

Traders:   we know there's a trader inside every farmer. Agmarket provides farmers the opportunity for an alternative income stream by trading livestock, machinery, commodities and even farm inputs with a national audience.

You ready to get in on the awesome deals? Join the rebellion.