18m Ground Breaker TX-Flex Precision Planter - Agmarket

New 18m Ground Breaker Precision Planter with folding, contour-flex frame, end-tow kit and 381mm unit spacings.

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  • Our patented precision planting unit that is designed to integrate with all leading precision planting technology platforms.
  • 3 section single folding contour-flex frame with end-tow kit.
  • Available in 1 bar, 2 bar or 3 bar frame configurations.
  • Heavy duty castor wheel assemblies which provide superior flotation.
  • 2 year warranty.

Optional features include:

  • Optional unit attachments include precision planting tyne or disc, a wide range of seeding, chemical and fertiliser applicator tooling and a range of press wheels.
  • Optional leading coulter for superior trash flow.
  • Integrated precision planting technology.

Maximise the effective and efficient farming of plant available moisture across your country with the Ground Breaker Precision Planter.


6-8 Kimberley Court, Torrington QLD, Australia

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