38ft Tri Axle Log Trailer Drop Deck - Agmarket

Brand New Logging Trailer $58,000 inc GST

38ft Tri Axle Log Trailer Drop Deck

38 Foot

10 Stud K-Hitch Axles K-Hitch Air Bag Suspension

Heavy Duty Bolsters (Movable) Qty 4 (Extra $1850+)

Front Head Board

Manual Winch with straps Qty 2 (Extra 550 Inc GST Each)

Remote Release Kits Qty 2 (Extra 110 Inc GST Each)

11 R Tyre 10 Stud 285 Steel Wheels

Black Plastic Mudguards

Jost Grease Turntable

Swing Landing Leg

Standard Weight Gauge

Colour Red

2 Year Warranty
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3/7 Bray Street, Hastings VIC, Australia

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