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Brand New Heavy Duty Steel Horse or Livestock Shelter Kit.

Australian designed 3.3m wide x 4.5m long, 3.0m high at roof apex and 2.4m high at sides.

Roof height can be increased by up to 600mm by adding an height extension kit.

Frame is made from heavy gauge 2.0mm 50x50mm galvanised square tube and consists of four sets of galvanized steel support frames at 1.5m spacing with two base support beams.

Roof consists of V900 x 0.40mm gauge double pressed anti corrosive roof steel sheets in cool eucalyptus green colour.

Conveniently packed into a steel crate for easy transportation and handling. All components galvanised for long service life and durability. Kit includes full step by step, easy to understand assembly instructions. Suitable for Wind Regions A and B. The shelters are engineer designed and manufactured to a very high standard. A key feature is the frame gauge of 2.0mm and roof sheeting at 0.40mm to ensure the strength and sturdiness of the shelter. They are a very versatile option and suitable for any concrete pad or compact, dense flat surface. When assembled in accordance with the instructions the shelter will be structurally sound and the roof completely waterproof. DELIVERY OR COLLECTION You can either collect from our warehouse or we can arrange delivery either directly to you or to one of our partner depots around Australia where you can collect from. Contact us with your location and postcode and we will provide you with a freight quote.

Please note measurements are nominal and some images are an example only.


Ormeau QLD, Australia

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