Irritech center pivot and lateral movement irrigation system - Agmarket

Pivot, also called center pivot or clock pivot, is a large-scaled automatically running irrigation equipment, quite suitable for corn, wheat, alfalfa, potato, grain, vegetable and sugarcanes and cash crop etc, and even good for fruit tree, plant nursery A single pivot could cover a very large field.

Irritech pivots use genuine UMC motors, gearboxes, couplers and collector rings. We are working with Komet and Senninger and can supply their full range of sprinklers and end guns. Our tower boxes use Honeywell micro switches, Schneider contactors and UL Recognized terminal blocks.

We have designed and developed an indicator light underneath the tower box which will provide an instant visual alert if there is a break in the safety circuit. We also supply a stainless steel control panel which can be customized with any design, including your national flag. The control panel features an LED light for safety and convenience when operating at night. You also can scan the QR codes printed on our tower box and panel to find the trouble shooting videos and documents.


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